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Under construction!

To increase our production capacities, we are under construction! We are building another production hall at the Mücke site: with more office space, assembly area, and presentation rooms. “We need more space to meet the increasing and forever-changing customer requirements, and to create optimal work conditions for our people. Right now, our production hall and assembly areas are bursting at all seams. The new construction with assembly hall and office space will ensure that we remain to be capable of delivering our products on time. Even in economically-difficult times, we must be courageous by undertaking major investments and demonstrate our power of innovation!” Sinan Koc, Management

This hall, as also the existing production hall, will be equipped with a solar plant over its entire surface. This allows us to be flexible by generating our own power, save energy, and contribute to an environmentally-friendly future. Because we expect our suppliers to be conscious of environmental issues, we try to set a good example.

Having broken the ground on 02/03/2020, we expect to complete the construction in August 2020, and are looking forward to see the finished hall, with its floor space of 1508 m2, to more than double our current production and planning space. Our production machinery and other facilities are not impacted.

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