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Quality policy

Quality policy

The continued high quality of our products and services are one of the fundamental principles of our successful activities. We define quality as the provision of products meeting your specifications at the right time and the right place. We ensure that our quality policy is commensurate with the context of our organisation, meets the expectations of the relevant interested parties, and supports our strategic orientation.

Process orientation

We support an process-oriented approach, including a systematic determination and control or processes and their interactions. It is our goal to match the desired results with our quality policy and strategic orientation.


Using the “Plan-Do-Check-Act” model, we want to ensure that sufficient resources are available for the processes, that they are controlled, and that they provide opportunities for improvement. Here, we focus on risk-based thinking.

Risk-based thinking

We promote risk-based thinking, in order to recognise opportunities. We aspire to minimise risks and to watch for chances.


We undertake to carefully determine requirements for products and services, and to meet or even exceed them. We undertake to comply with applicable requirements of the quality management system. We also promise to continuously improve our quality management system. This system and its processes are monitored, corrected where necessary, and developed further. All this to optimise the overall results. An increase in efficiency by implementing optimal processes is a corporate objective.

Customer satisfaction

One of our top objectives is the satisfaction of our customers. The high quality of our products and services will ensure that lasting relationships are created and maintained.


The management sets the example for our employees. Their tasks include planning, implementation and communication of the quality management system.

Competitive position

Our success depends significantly on our ability to compete in the marketplace. Market monitoring, determination of customer requirements and utilisation of our own potential are cornerstones for a lasting safeguarding of our success.


We have a societal responsibility in respect to safety and environmental impact. We strive to save resources and to minimise adverse effects on our environment.


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