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Somack Laser-welding systems

Power Welding Laser Machine

PWLM - Power Welding Laser Machine

A collaboration between Somack and Panasonic resulted in the development of a laser-welding system. This laser-welding system is equipped with FAYb, the fibre-laser technology by Panasonic. This system ensures top quality welding results. The new laser-welding system makes plastic welding simple and hassle-free.

Laser-welding means that light is concentrated on a miniature focal point. The energy generated is extremely dense – the material to be welded melts within a blink. The seam cools down equally fast and becomes immensely strong immediately. This means that the component itself is not much stressed mechanically, and you obtain a clean welding seam from a reliable process which does not damage the machined component.

Laser-welding processes are mostly used for the joining of components requiring narrow welding seam shapes and low thermally-induced warping. The impressive benefits are: high welding speeds, excellent automation potential, and the option of an in-process Online quality inspection.

  • High-quality laser-welding system
  • Maximal reduction of set-up times
  • Small footprint
  • Integrated PC
  • Integrated extraction

Dimensions (main body) and weight

  • Length: 800 mm
  • Width: 1050 mm
  • Height: 2056 mm
  • Weight: 438 kg 

Advancing table:

  • Maximum load: 30 kg
  • External dimensions (WxD): 450 mm x 450 mm
  • Effective area (WxD): 400 mm x 400 mm
  • Grid dimension: 25 mm    
  • Nominal voltage: 3~400 V AC
  • Nominal frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Connector type: CEE, 5 pins, male
  • Nominal current: 10 A
  • Nominal power consumption: 2,300 W



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