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PLW-XL laser cell

We have expanded our product portfolio and can now offer our top product, the PLW-L, with an increased work space. This unit enables the marking of parts with a maximum height of 500mm. To ensure optimal work processes, the unit is loaded ergonomically and convenient via drawers.

As is standard for our machines, the unit is controlled by a Siemens S7 and fitted with all standard interfaces.

Our deliverables

  • Comfortable marking of large and heavy parts
  • Maximal reduction of set-up times
  • Multiple applications
  • Integrated extraction
  • Integrated industrial PC

Thanks to ergonomic and compact design, the PLW is optimally suited for the flexible solution of a multitude of marking tasks.

The various model variants and options allow the optimal configuration for a multitude of applications. The smart design of the PLW laser cabin ensures that various modules can be integrated without additional space requirements:

  • NC linear axis X
  • NC linear axis Y
  • NC linear axis Z
  • Servo-operated rotary axis for circumferential marking
  • Robotic systems fur fully-automated operation

And if you, at this time, only want the basic work station, you still can retrofit with these options at a later time (with the exception of the rotary indexing table).

*The axis position accuracy is 0.02mm

  • Laser protection class 1
  • Exterior housing dimensions: 1305mm x 1200mm x 2240mm
  • NC linear axes:
    • X-axis: 750mm
    • Y-axis: 430mm
    • Z-axis: 370mm
  • Perforated grid plate: 4220mm x 990mm (can be adjusted optionally)
  • Integrated extraction
  • Interface to Siemens S7 external controller
  • Two laser protection windows 280mm x 200mm
  • Weight: 915kg
  • Maximum component size: 400mm x 990mm x 500mm
  • Maximum component weight: 150kg

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