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Principles of Somack GmbH

Using our core expertise in the manufacturing of precision parts and components, we quickly developed additional business units – laser systems and special machine manufacturing, keeping the end-to-end process chain under one umbrella. From the original idea to the design to manufacturing the final product. We are with you at every step of the way – from prototype to series production. This is the foundation for a seamless and cost-effective process.


Without continuous progress and growth, terms such as improvement, performance and success are meaningless. – Benjamin Franklin

Focused on customers and service

We serve our customers and learn from them. Every activity must result in high customer satisfaction.


We want to remain an independent and unaffiliated company.


We live a culture of a flexible and lean organisation focussed on the needs of our customers.


We focus on activities that we understand and for which we are suited.

Quality and environment

We undertake to offer exemplary quality, best practice and reliability. With the continuous improvement of our processes, we aim for products and services oriented towards the needs of our customers.


Our corporate activities are interrelated with our environment. We are committed to comply with the relevant laws and guidelines. In addition to the legal requirements, we apply environmentally-relevant considerations in our processes.


We are a team of motivated, capable and powerful individuals.


We underscore the individual professional responsibility of our employees.

Creativity and innovation

We provide an environment where ideas, progress and the creativity of our colleagues are promoted.


We communicate openly and responsibly. We cultivate an open dialogue with all external stakeholders, in particular with our customers, the authorities, suppliers and the interested public.

Profit and results orientation

The driving force in our company is a transparent orientation to results. The management of Somack Fertigungstechnik GmbH is committed to promote the realisation of quality and environmental considerations within the entire company and to monitor the correct implementation and execution of the relevant rules.


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