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Job order production at Somack

Due to the high portion of in-house manufactured components in our products, we have a state-of-the-art and comprehensive range of machines for production. Because we manufacture high-technology machinery with very exacting components, we not only have the necessary technical equipment but also the requisite manufacturing expertise and highly-qualified personnel.

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The provision of capacities for job order production is an essential component of our component production unit. In addition to processing individual orders, we are also highly interested in long-term and sustainable collaborations.

In our milling centres, we can machine parts with up to 5 axes and a maximum size of 1,000 mm x 590 mm x 510 mm. Our sales department stands by for your enquries.

Panel processing

Our gantry milling machine allows us to manufacture your draft components up to dimensions of 3,750 x 1,750mm.

Traversing paths (X/Y) : 3,750 x 1,750 (mm) Main spindle max. speed [rpm]: 30,000

Main spindle max. power draw [kW]: 14

Number of tool magazine slots [pieces]: 24

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5-Axis simultaneous milling

5-Axis milling has several advantages compared to standard 3-axis milling. At the one hand, it enables manufacturing of far more complex parts with, for example, cross bores and undercuts, which would require several re-clamping on a 3-axis machine. Hence, machining processes can be shortened considerably, tools with more stable properties may be used, and the surface qualities will be better. Your benefit: the reduced set-up and machining times save you money.


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