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Component traceability with 2D code readers

Some manufacturers still experience issues with component traceability. These problems can be solved with 2D codes, such as DMC.

Traceability is the possibility to track all processes – from raw material procurement to production, to consumption and, finally, disposal –, in order to determine when and where the product has been produced by whom. Due to improvements in product quality and increased safety concerns in the last years, traceability has gained in importance and is now standard in diverse sectors, such as automotive, electronics, food-processing and pharmaceutics.

Traceability with DMC is easy, fast and flexible. Data are imported from a job order, encoded in a DMC and, subsequently, laser-etched on the relevant component. Etching is done with the lasers supplied by our partners which are capable of applying high-quality markings in the shortest time possible. We provide the connection to a corresponding database and verify the proper coding. You are the beneficiary of a perfectly coordinated process from a single source.

We make the Internet of Things easy. To ensure the quality of the DMC, we will validate the laser-etched code. Allow us to be your partner regarding traceability and laser marking, to prevent production mistakes.

2D code readers can be installed in, and connected with, all of our equipment.

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